Bluewave Infotech

Invented to Innovate.

49, Thirumalai Nagar

Industry: Electronics and Engineering.

Why German Companies should work with us:
We offer
1. Electronic Hardware design and manufacturing services.
2. Firmware development services.
3. Application software development services.

German machine, auto equipment and other manufactures could utilize our design services for designing/upgrading their electronic, monitoring, control and computing devices. German manufacturers can outsource our manufacturing and marketing services to lower cost and can utilize as a platform to enter Indian market.

Contact Person: Hashim
Website (URL):

Short Profile: Bluewave Infotech is a group of professionals with passion to innovate. Our team has extensive experience in embedded systems design, Application software development, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, certification and all aspects of product development. We have excellent track record in providing design services for onshore and offshore customers with high level of consistency and flexibility.
We also have a strong factory team with experience in Procurement, manufacturing,Testing, Quality control and Packaging. We have an extensive network of fabricators for sourcing enclosures and other mechanical parts.

Number of Employees: 15
Founding Year: 2008

Categories: Electronics and Engineering

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