Sourcing from India with SOURCE INDIA.

504 Rajvi Arcade, Drive in Road

Industry: Electronics and Engineering.

Why German Companies should work with us: Source India is specialised in sourcing of Engineering products from India for European companies since more than 15 years.We have many satisfied European Customers who are Original Equipment Manufacturers in Oil & Gas, Pumps & Valves, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Machinery Manufacturers, Actuators, Flow Meters, Compressors, Harbour Crane etc. who work with us since many years.

Our expertise in Sourcing from India for Engineering products like Metal parts b way of Casting process, following Lost Wax Casting process & Sand Casting process in weight range from 50 Grams to 3,000 Kilograms single piece weight with CNC Machining. Material we dealt into are Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Alloys like Hastealloy, Inconel, etc.

We offer Ready to Use Precision Components for Customers including extra process like Coating etc.

Contact Person: Jitesh Mehta
Website (URL):

Short Profile: We would like to introduce ourselves as leading Sourcing Company in India of finished Cast parts in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, High temperature Resistance Steel Castings, Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Alloy Cast Iron, to European buyers.

We are specialised in following material and processes:

Our capabilities:
• Sand Casting – Weight range: 5 Kgs to 5000 Kilograms single piece weight
• Investment Casting: weight range: 50 Grams to 85 Kgs single piece weight
• CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Boring

Our Strength:
• We offer finished parts with machining and post-machining operations like – coating , anodizing, paint etc. and if required, we can also assemble parts at our end, as per your assembly drawing.
• We carry out test required like Pressure test, X-ray test etc.
• We offer excellent surface finish and very sound castings/forgings
• We developed tooling required
• Committed just in time deliveries
• Clear understanding of European buyer’s requirement in terms of surface finish, response etc.
• Competitive price
We supply components to our customers in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, U.K., The Netherlands, they are
• Gearbox, Compressor & Diesel Engine Manufacturers
• Valve manufacturers
• Pump manufacturers
• Valve & Actuators manufacturer,
• Torque measuring Equipment manufacturer,
• Railway Brake Assembly manufacturers etc.

Number of Employees: 10
Founding Year: 2001

Categories: Electronics and Engineering


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