Statcon Energiaa

Inspire Innovate Implement.

B-81 Sector 53 NOIDA – 201 301, U.P. INDIA.

Industry: Electronics and Engineering.

Why German Companies should work with us: Germany is at the forefront of Solar Electronics and we too are are power electronics manufacturers since the last 26 years.
We have a wide range of Solar Inverters with Hybrid, Off grid and grid tie inverters manufactured at our facilities. Our String Monitoring Units are installed all over India in big capacity.
Our Hydro Inverter is compatible with Hydro and Wind as well.
Besides Renewable,We also manufacture Battery Chargers for the power sector, Ground Power Units for the Indian Airforce, Load banks etc for the Indian Navy among a host of power electronics products.

Contact Person:
Pranjal Pande
Website (URL):

Short Profile: Statcon Energiaa Pvt ltd. is a group company of Statcon Power Controls Ltd.(SOLAR/POWER/DEFENCE DIVISION), which has had over 26 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing and technical support of equipment for the static energy conversion, covering a broad spectrum of power, especially of static rectifiers. Statcon Energiaa is now a dedicated design and manufacturing unit in the field of solar photovoltaics, defence and power sector, catering to their needs of Power Electronic equipments.

Number of Employees: 220
Founding Year: 2015(1989)

Categories: Electronics and Engineering


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