Watson Engineering Works

Bicycle Components Manufacturers.

PB No 53, GT Road,
KHANNA – 141 401

Industry: Automotive.

Why German Companies should work with us: Watson Group is best in class in quality in India, and caters to all top level OEMs in India including TI Cycles, Atlas, Avon, Tata, and Hero group. It has fully integrated plants with extensive capacity including power presses, SPMs, and tool rooms for the purpose of manufacturing forged components. In-house heat treatment facilities include annealing, hardening, tempering, carbo-nitriding, and oxidising. Surface treatment facilities include zinc plating, auto-blackening, nickel-plating, and phosphating. Its management has undergone specialised training for conducting business with German companies. The focus is on quality and innovation (refer Company description).

Contact Person: Chetan Aggarwal
Email: chetanwatson@gmail.com
Website (URL): http://www.watsonindia.com

Short Profile: Watson Group is engaged in the business of manufacturing quality bicycle parts since 1959. It is a family owned business with ISO 9001:2008 rating. It maintains a lead in the manufacture of Cold Forged Bottom Bracket Cup and Axle, Cold Forged Head fittings, Bicycle Chain, MIG welded Bicycle Frames and Rear Carriers. Over the years it has maintained steady growth to achieve the enviable distinction of being the most preferred OE supplier of bicycle components to all the bicycle manufacturers in India. It is a pioneer in the manufacture of Cotter-less Bottom Bracket Axle and Odd-linked Bicycle Chains.

Number of Employees: 350
Founding Year: 1959

Categories: Automotive

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