Loba Chemie Pvt Ltd.

Laboratory reagents & fine chemicals.







107 Wode House Road, Jehanghir Villa
Colaba, MUMBAI – 400 005, INDIA.

Plaça Catalunya 1, 4-B, Edifici Triangle

Industry: Import/Export.

Why German Companies should work with us: Our company has been growing very much in Middle East, Asia and in some areas of Europe. At this moment, we have more than 400 distributors around the world. In our continent, Europe, we focus to provide bulk supplies and OEM brand laboratory chemicals within the continent. At this moment we are supplying to other main players in this market in bulk and OEM partnership.

Miguel Garcia (Private Photograph)

Miguel Garcia
Business Development Manager (Europe)
(Private Photograph)

Contact Person: Miguel Garcia

Email: miguel@lobachemie.com

Tel.: +34 935484344

Website (URL): http://www.lobachemie.com

Short Profile: Loba Chemie is a global supplier founded in 1975 actively positioned in providing solutions in laboratory chemicals, such as High Grade Laboratory Reagents and Fine Chemicals. Our premises includes 10000 m2 of manufacturing plant and warehouse together with 300 m2 of testing laboratories with the latest equipments available.

Loba Chemie is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (Protection of Environment), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management).

Number of Employees: 275

Founding Year: 1974

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