Hands of Gold

Hands of Gold on Business Contacts India ANDRAc/o Caelum Crafts Private Limited
7, Sheikh Bagh
Srinagar – 190 001.

Industry: Handicraft and Handloom.

Why German Companies should work with us: Handicrafts is one of the best art form of showcasing the history of people and places. At Hands of Gold we want to share the art form of the beautiful valley of Kashmir with the world.

These items are ideal for home use and also are an excellent gifting option. We can even do exclusive collections for special occasions. We work with award wining artisans and are constantly looking at innovating our products and making them more functional.

We are confident that our designs/products will find a place in the German market place.

Contact Person: Sadaf Syed

Email: sadaf@handsofgold.in

Website (URL): http://www.handsofgold.in

Short Profile: Hands of Gold brings to its customers the finest Paper Mache from Kashmir in its most authentic form. Paper Mache work from Kashmir is famous across the world for its intricate design details and use of colors. We have a wide range of products which include jewellery boxes, table lamps, photo frames, Christmas balls and bells, side tables etc. All products are made by hand and can be customized to suit individual taste and needs.

Whether you need a single piece or want to order in bulk we will happily do our best without compromising on the quality.

Number of Employees: 10

Founding Year: 2015

Hands of Gold

Photo: Hands of Gold

Categories: Handicraft and Handloom

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