Organic is real natural

We at Radico are involved in setting new benchmarks in the field of natural and Organic cosmetics. We specialize in organic and natural hair colors.

Our Certified organic hair colours are made of organic herbs only, contain no chemicals at all, hence safe & healthy do not have any side effect.

In India, we have very good presence in online market and we are already in 80 organic and natural stores and we are considered as first and one of the best company who introduced organic hair colors in Indian market.


Top 3 pieces of advice given by Sanjeev Bhatt, CEO Radico:

Sanjeev Bhatt is interested in Indo-German business development

Sanjeev Bhatt, CEO Radico
(Private Photograph)

Our Top 1 piece of advice: Organic is real natural, since organic is the new trend nowadays, people want a chemical free product and our organic hair color is the best option available for hair color since it’s chemical free and it is the first hair color in the world to get organic certification for hair colors.

Our Top 2 piece of advice: save environment, go green, go natural, go organic!

Our Top 3 piece of advice: dont use chemical dyes
Chemical dyes damages your hair very harshly and makes the health of the hair bad.

Our organic hair colors make the hair silkier and shiner and its chemical free.

So go organic.


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