The Neem Tree Specialists.

MUMBAI – 400 069, INDIA.

Industry: Import/Export.

Why German Companies should work with us: The Owner, a Chemical Engineer, Ex-ISO 9000 Consultant, travelled to 15 countries ( Germany 3 times ) & Company has been exporting to German SMEs and Multinationals for last 11 Years besides trade with 51 countries.

We are very keen to join hands with any German / Foreign Company which has got to do anything related to NATURE

Contact Person: Milan Mehta

Email: info@neemfromindia.com

Tel.: +91-9867160616

Website (URL): http://www.naturalproducts-india.com

Short Profile (= Brief description of your company: RYM EXPORTS markets Natural Ingredients (specialising in Neem Tree Oil, Neem Extracts ) products to many sectors like Cosmetics, Agriculture, Disinfectants, Household Insect Repellents, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Food, etc..

We have Traded with 51 countries so far, with volumes ranging from small orders like 10 Litres doordelivered to a Australian and large orders like 24 Nos. * 20 foot Container orders EU Seaport.

Presently we are concentrating on expanding our Exports / Trade of Essential Oils.

Number of Employees: 2

Founding Year: 1996

Categories: Import/Export

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