To share ancient Indian wisdom, cast in a contemporary style with people of other cultures and countries.

Hingori Sutras Logo

c/o Pali Hills Tourist Hotel Pvt.Ltd.,
14 Union Park,
Khar West
MUMBAI – 400 052

Industry: Publishing and Printing.

Why German Companies should work with us: We have been in business for over 55 years as an organisation and have well known hotels and restaurants giving us the financial background required for credibility.

We are committed to taking the Hingori Sutras brand in its current nascent stage to a well established publication house.

Contact Person: Bernadette D’Souza

Email: hingori54@gmail.com

Tel.: 91-9820291902

Website (URL): http://hingorisutras.com

Short Profile: We are a hospitality company in the business of doing Art Hotels based on Indian Spirituality. The spin-off of this business was our desire and the need of marketing India for it’s spiritual wisdom and not just for it’s monuments.

Number of Employees: 7

Founding Year: The Book Division is hardly 2 years old. Our hotel dates back to the late 70’s

Categories: Frankfurt Bookfair 2016, Publishing and Printing

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