India is a Land of diverse Cultures and vivid Innovation

India is a land of diverse cultures and vivid innovation. While one finds friendly, creative and hard working people through the country, their talent largely goes unsupervised. That’s where Vision Kraft steps in.
Vision Kraft Media Works, Pune, has a team of experienced and seasoned producers, writers, conceptualisers directors, production managers, cameramen, editors, animators, audio professionals and integration specialists who can table their skills to compile the best of:
  1. Corporate Videos
  2. Training & Induction Videos
  3. Product Demo Videos
  4. Infographics & Explainer Videos
  5. Short Interview Films
  6. Industrial & Product Photography

Top 3 pieces of advice given by Bejoy Peter, Executive Producer, Vision Kraft

Indo-German Business Development

Bejoy Peter, Executive Producer Vision Kraft (Private Photograph)

Our Top 1 piece of advice:

It is important that the producers & script writers are seasoned to do the job. They must have sufficient exposure to working with key decision makers from varied industry verticals. Remember that domain expertise is as important as film production skills.
Our Top 2 piece of advice:
Film production must be done considering scalability in technology (eg: HD, 4K, etc.) and the project must be open to be dubbed in other languages from English depending on the Clients market demographics. This requires the studio to store the film project for a long time on the best of video servers. Remember that the right mix of creativity & technology goes a far way and reaps greater benefits.
Our Top 3 piece of advice:
On completion of the film project, the responsibility of distributing the film on offline & online platforms become vital. The film should penetrate far markets and be easily available to its target audience. Social media is an emerging and measurable method to distribute the corporate film and is evolving with time. Remember that reach is key.

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