Companies coming to India should seek the right Partner

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Top 3 pieces of advice given by Udyen Jain, Founder of Udyen Jain & Associates

Udyen Jain, Udyen Jain & Associates

Udyen Jain
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Our Top 1 piece of advice: Companies coming to India should seek the right partner. The right partner looks at long term relationship that is transparent and trustworthy. Very often if the company does not find the right partner, it may find that their well laid out plans getting delayed, resulting in cost over runs. The right partner has to provide proper compliance guidelines to regulatory frameworks and advise appropriately.

Our Top 2 piece of advice: Companies wanting to come to India should seek experts who understand their requirements and will help evolve the most effective strategies to foray into India Perform a specific B2C or B2B market research across your industry and study the business and regulatory situation to provide you with a clear understanding of business opportunities in the market, growth potential and regulatory requirements for a successful business expansion.

Our Top 3 piece of advice: German companies can find India a very attractive investment destination. IMF has forecast 7.4% growth for India for this fiscal as well as the next while ADB expects India to grow 7.4% this year and 7.8% in 2017-18.
The macro and structural stories remain solid. Strong consumption growth continues apace, which makes India a very attractive destination for German companies to invest in any sector. Be it manufacturing, IT, services, healthcare, green technologies, alternative energy etc.

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