V. Mathur

Combined interpreter De.Fr.It.Ru.

B8/43 Goyal Intercity, Drive In Road, AHMEDABAD – 380 054, Gujarat, INDIA.

Industry: Consulting and other Services.

Why German Companies should work with us: As a freelance interpreter and with German company experience, I have a knowledge of German, Italian, French and Russian languages which makes me ideally suited for MNC or Mittelstand companies looking for technical / commercial interfacing glocally. Have successfully worked in machine installation, commissioning and training projects of personnel and have capability in this area.
Feel the comfort of working with a person who understands the business culture of efficiency and smooth interfacing at all levels.

Contact Person: Vikramaditya Mathur

Email: interpreter.mathur@gmail.com

Tel.: +91-9327055582

Website (URL): http://v_mathur_123.TranslatorsCafe.com


Language Services India

Vikramaditya Mathur
(Private Photograph)

Short Profile: As a single freelance interpreter having worked with German MNC companies in past both in Germany and India in factory and commercial space, I offer you the best of my distilled expertise in specialized factory interpretation in India. Languages covered include German, Hindi, Gujarati, French, Italian and Russian. Am mobile and can work at your plant project site countrywide.

Number of Employees: 1

Founding Year: 2001

Categories: Consulting and other Services, Key Executives

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