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We do not Sell, We create Demand.

Indo-German consulting Bangalore

25c, 211, 38th cross, 8th block, Jayanagar, BANGALORE – 560 070. Karnataka, INDIA.

Industry: Consulting and other Services.

Why German Companies should work with us: SME Companies that produce industrial products are under constant lookout for expanding their market base outside home territory. European manufacturers who look at Indian context face stiff resistance, competitive landscape, and unknown territory making it extremely difficult to expand and look out at the market. That leaves companies in this sector with significant challenges:
We have decades of experience supporting and helping to guide clients’ decision-making during this crucial phase of a product’s lifespan

Contact Person: Aragam Arun
Tel: +91-9902287825
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Short Profile: Nucleus Marketing was established in 2003 with sole aim to provide vital links to products and customers. Established on lines of product promotion, concept selling the company was formed by individuals from different spheres of activity specialized in their respective field. Today we tend to provide our service and share our expertise to manufacturer, to offload their marketing and establish products in this vibrant and competitive market.

Number of Employees: 3
Founding Year: 2003

Categories: Consulting and other Services

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