Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who or what is “Andra”?

A: Andra Riemhofer is a German business consultant. Andra helps international companies export to Germany / build rapport with German business partners, avoiding the common pitfalls that typically arise from intercultural misunderstandings. Most of her clients are from India. For further information on her portfolio and business philosophy, please log on to

Q: What would be the surety of getting the business
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A: Whether you receive inquiries very much depends on how you describe your offer / core competencies. Also, don’t forget that good communication is key.

Q: How do you expect it would help the already confused buyers. There are so many directories available otherwise. They would get info from Indo German Chambers of Commerce. Can you please explain your strategy.

A: From my own experience, I know how difficult it can be for a foreigner to research suppliers in India. There are many databases such as Indiamart or Exportersindia etc., but how would I know if the advertising companies are suitable for me? The quantity is too high… how could one filter the appropriate supplier anyway. Very often contact details are not there (Germans prefer e-mail as an initial medium for communication).

Therefore, I decided to launch this very pragmatic service to connect Indian suppliers with German buyers, i.e. . Since I have strong ties to India, also publishing books etc., the credibility of the offer (as perceived by Germans) is very high. Also, it is mandatory that the advertising companies explain why German companies should work with them (e.g. language skills, certificates, knowledge about taste preferences etc.). This adds to the value of the platform.